Russian women brides

Russian women brides to marry

Well, other situation – you came to meet your girl and to propose marriage for her. You are happy, you had great correspondence for a long time and now you are ready to build the family with your love.

You meet with her, waiting for romantic evening and warm words. And you will receive her nice behaviour! And she will say a lot of nice words for you. She will sing you songs about your perfect love, relations, she will be incredibly romantic with you… But, in the morning – reality! She will ask you to go for shopping. (not worse variant). =) Of course you will go, because you can’t walk, you fly from happiness! You are ready to do everything for her! But…

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russian woman looking for man for marriage

What can happen next? First she will try to explain you very bad situation in her country and of course in her family. You will listen long stories about ill and poor families and about her. She will make you sure that she is such a person, who try to do everything for everyone and doesn’t want anything in return. Please, don’t think that all stories are false! Of course sometimes such stories are true and I want to say that we have a lot of strong ladies in our countries, who have really bad situations but who try to protect their families and do it even better then men. But be sure that if after such a story the girl will ask you for shopping, she is a scammer… Strong ladies don’t use to live, asking something from someone. They are strong enough to keep their wishes and to make their dreams true themselves.

They always tried to protect someone and now they need someone, who can protect them, love, give happiness, not real castles. Conformably if your lady tries to show you nice places, to tell you with the pleasure more about her and close people to her , to meet you with her family, friends, you can be sure that she is normal and you found your happiness. It means not only that she is a great person, but also that she liked you! May be one day she will protect you. =)