your Russian wife

Russian bride your Russian wife

Attention in the family. You decided that you are ready to settle up and to create a family. Ok, let’s see… You have a great job, nice career and of course you have a strong wish to be happy with your Russian Wife.

It is normal. You want to come back home in the evenings and to smile to your wife, who prepared nice dinner for you. You are tired, you are happy to see your wife, but you have to rest…. And she becomes sad, because she was waiting for you for the whole day and she wants your attention!

Creating a family you shall think also about attention you can give to your future wife. Sometimes men put most of their time and attention to work, career… They give enough money to wives and think that it will be enough for them to be happy. You shall know that Russian woman are really passionate and they need attention! They don’t want to get marriage with your money; they want to get marriage with you! For the present time you work more than 12-14 hours and it is ok for you, because you haven’t anyone at home, waiting for you. But if you will get marriage, the situation will change! Are you sure that you will be able to change your life style? One of the main keys to transforming relationships is to learn how to be more attentive to your partner.

If you are in a fast, busy lifestyle, you need to learn how to slow down and provide full attention to your Russian wife, to your children. Many times people who are close to you may get angry with you, not so much at what you say but how you act. So, you shall learn how to give more attention to your wife. You shall understand her! Can you imagine – she changed all her life for you, she left her country for you, her family! She doesn’t know your culture and your traditions and in such period she needs you more than anything in the world to help her to feel comfortable. She wants to feel that she isn’t alone in this new world, that her husband’s attention is always with her! Many arguments can start because your partner may think you are inattentive. You need to learn to achieve gentle attentiveness, and openness with your partner!

You need to learn how to listen and understand and spend more time with your second part! And if you are really ready for it, we wish you good luck in your life!!! Giving enough attention to your Russian wife, you will provide real happiness to your strong family for the rest of your lives!